Gregory C. Lazin

Professional Law Corporation

Civil Litigation

Choosing the right lawyer is probably one of the most important decisions you'll make in your Civil Law matter.

Many people start their search for help with a Civil Law matter with a referral from a friend or another lawyer. However, you should still ensure that any lawyer you choose has enough experience to handle your case. 

Civil Law requires knowledge of complex legal principles, which take time and experience to learn. Equally important is knowledge of negotiation techniques and courtroom skill that can only be obtained through years of hands-on experience.

Gregory Lazin has the experience to ensure that your best interests are properly represented, having more than 33 years in representing clients in Civil Law matters, including multi-party litigation, and ICBC claims.

If you are facing a serious civil matter, or are contemplating commencing a civil matter that involves substantial assets, complicated financial questions, or a complex civil dispute, you should look for an experienced Civil Law lawyer, who has experience with the particular issues involved in your case. Many Civil Lawyers have never conducted an actual trial. The right lawyer knows when to negotiate, and when to litigate.

Because of the very personal nature of a Civil Law matter, not every lawyer will be a “good fit”. To enable an informed decision, we offer a free ½ hour initial consultation in our offices.