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Drug Law

Choosing the right lawyer is probably one of the most important decisions you'll make in your Drug Law matter.

Drug Law is a subspecialty of Criminal Law that requires knowledge of different issues than conventional Criminal Law. These issues take time and experience to learn. To be blunt, nothing can compensate for actual drug trial experience.

Since 1983, Gregory Lazin has successfully defended serious drug cases, including:

Drug Trafficking
Drug Possession
Criminal Organization

Possessing Proceeds of Crime
Money Laundering

Please see the Criminal Law section of our website for information on our representation of Criminal Law matters.

Drug matters frequently result in applications to the courts for remedies under the Charter of Rights, involving issues of unreasonable search and seizure, arbitrary arrest and detention, the right to counsel, and the exclusion of evidence.

Mr. Lazin has conducted in excess of 1,500 trials, hearings, and contested Charter applications.

If you are facing a serious Drug Law matter, you should look for an experienced Drug Law lawyer, who has knowledge of the particular issues involved in your case. Not all Criminal Law lawyers have experience in Drug Law matters.

Because of the very personal nature of a Drug Law matter, not every Criminal Law lawyer will be a “good fit”. To enable you to make an informed decision, we offer a free ½ hour initial consultation in our offices.

We accept Legal Aid (Alberta), and Legal Services (B.C.) referrals.